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Sensuous Plant Libations

Sensuous. Plant. Libations.


As the blue lotus flower emerges from the abyss

and blossoms with the light of the morning

in a recurring cycle of birth,

so be the blue chalice.

Offering an array of local,

seasonal and blessed medicinal delicacies,

this celestial vessel

continuously refills itself,

giving rise to the wild nectar within

all who sip from it.


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Fresh brewed cosmic energy.

Blue Chalice is a traveling elixir bar rooted in the tradition of herbal medicine, fueled by the sounds of world music, and shared for more holistic human connectivity. Each elixir and experience is intuitively curated to align with the atmospheric vibration of it’s calling. Whether consumed as an alternative or compliment to what else is being offered, it’s divine potency will surely move you.

* Most recipes are alcohol free. Some contain trace amounts of plant-infused spirits.

* All drinks are fresh brewed, fermented, extracted, using the most clean and sustainable ingredients available.

* There are never more than 7 ingredients per drink. 

* Some elixirs may contain ingredients not recommended during pregnancy.

If you’d like to host Blue Chalice at your event, please contact us here.


A pledge to the plants. 

"I was first introduced to the spirit of Mugwort when a friend tucked a whole branch of it under my pillow before bed. I woke up the following morning somehow laughing out loud and reciting a poem that made no sense, signed by 'Pickled, Pickled, Debauchery'.

Soon after I began an apprenticeship in the Wise Woman Herbal Tradition. I fell in love with the subtle intoxication of so many plants of which I had spent my entire life around, unaware of the many layers of their existence. This work brought my experience in yoga to the next level. It brought me home, and the dance has since taken over. These new friends made their way behind the bar I tended, jumped in my suitcase on trips around the world, accompanied almost every meal and yoga class, and when I embraced the world of electronic music, well they came there too. 

Somewhere in all of that, it began to feel really necessary to make these plant friends more available to all the dancing spirits of the world.”                

   -Danielle Alicia, Founder, Blue Chalice